Saman Ads

In spite of a variety of calculation methods like cost per display, installation, click and ... In SamanAds you can easily choose the best method based on your budget and advertising goal. We guarantee you the highest quality.


Saman Ads will helps you to have effective Ads

Click Advertising

A click advertising is a method of calculation in various digital advertising campaigns. In this method, after the user clicks on the ad, the landing page will be transferred, and after the validation, the ad spend will be deducted from the advertiser's account.

Banner Advertising

View your services in a dynamic image format with key information on advertiser services in the largest websites in the country and around the world. Banner ads are presented as demo, clickable, matched and monthly ads.

Video Advertising

One of the effective methods of digital advertising is the introduction of services or products. The advertising content that is displayed before the video is displayed on the online video sharing media and the advertising video in the mobile games are among them.

Social Networks

Use our services to introduce your product or service to the most viewed pages, channels and groups on social networks.

Install Application

If you are looking for an effective introduction and attracting a lot of users for your application, SamanAds, with the help of his intelligent system, will be able to introduce and install your application to your target community.

Smart Marketing

Includes services such as redirecting users who came through your ad to your page. In this way, you can also pay for your advertising bids for each new subscription or sale, and a new contract through the Promotion.

Why We Use SamanAds?

Instead of publishing your ads on many sites one by one and pay money to them, we help you to pay us at once and we publish your ads many.We perform the stat. and report of publishing with details.


Smart And Accurate

With smart publishing system of saman ads, the advertisement always showing to Audiences.

Clear Report

Present details and status of the clicks and report of the campaigns

Custom Built Control Panel

Designed specific control panel for each of users.


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